Leather Case by Apple for iPhone 7

Leather Case
iPhone Model
iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus
Berry, Taupe, Sapphire, Saddle Brown, Midnight Blue, Black, Sea Blue, Storm Gray, Tan, Red
Scratches, bumps, light drops

The Leather Case by Apple is a slim case for everyday use. The case has a raised lip and protects against bumps, scratches and light drops.

+ Reasons to buy the Leather Case

+ Most users feel that Apple have improved the Leather Case from the 2015 version with small, but important enhancements. The Leather Case now comes with machined aluminum buttons. This greatly improves the touch and feedback when you press the volume and sleep/wake buttons.

+ Users like the overall design, fit and feel of the iPhone 7 Leather Case. They describe the case as a quality product with the leather being soft and smooth.

+ The Leather Case brings the iPhone 7 to level ground to prevent it from rocking and the camera glass scratching if you place it on a flat surface.

+ Inside the Leather Case there is a soft microfiber lining that helps prevent scratches from happening to the back of your iPhone 7.

- Reasons not to buy the Leather Case

- Some users find the Leather Case to be too slippery.

- A few users think that the Leather Case easily picks up dirt with use and tends to wear fairly quickly. Wrinkling in the corners may happen early on.

- The vibrate switch cutout is a bit difficult to use due to the thickness of the case.

- The speakers and charging port are not covered by the Leather Case.

- Light colors will discolor and show wear quicker than the darker ones.