Smart Battery Case by Apple for iPhone 7

Smart Battery Case
iPhone Model
iPhone 7
White, Black, Red
Scratches, bumps, light drops

The Smart Battery Case by Apple provides longer battery life and protection to your iPhone 7. The case has a raised lip and protects against bumps, scratches and light drops.

+ Reasons to buy the Smart Battery Case

+ Users view the Smart Battery Case as a perfect example of function over form. If you need more battery life for your iPhone 7, this is one of the best solutions. You will never actually have to remove the Smart Battery Case from your iPhone 7. Both devices can be charged at the same time.

+ Users find the extra battery life to be impressive. According to Apple, you can expect increased talk time of up to 26 hours and Internet use of up to 22 hours on LTE.

+ The Smart Battery Case is always ready for use. You do not need to think about power management. The Smart Battery Case works by self-regulation. It will top off your iPhone 7 battery by itself. Other battery cases rely on you to manage power distribution.

+ With the Smart Battery Case on, the battery level of the case will be shown on your iPhone's lock screen and Notification Center.

+ The design is minimalist, there are no buttons, and users like the smooth feel, grip and ergonomics of the case.

+ Inside the Smart Battery Case there is a soft microfiber lining that helps protect your iPhone 7.

- Reasons not to buy the Smart Battery Case

- Some users do not like the design of the Smart Battery Case. The case adds significant bulk and weight to the iPhone 7.

- The Smart Battery Case is very expensive compared to similar products.

- As the Smart Battery Case only provides battery life information through the iPhone 7, you will not be able to check how much charge is left if the case is not on your iPhone.

- A few users complain that the case tends to pick up dust and lint.