Survivor Extreme by Griffin for iPhone 7

Survivor Extreme
iPhone Model
iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus
Ultra Rugged
Black/Black, Black/Clear, Black/Blue
Polycarbonate, silicone and TPE
Maximum drop protection and rain-proof
5.95" x 3.19" x .51" / 15.113 x 8.103 x 1.295 cm
2.81oz / 79.66g

The Survivor Extreme by Griffin is an ultra rugged case that will protect your iPhone 7 from all-conditions. The Survivor Extreme was previously known as the Survivor Summit.

+ Reasons to buy the Survivor Extreme

+ Users love the Survivor Extreme's drop protection. The case features 4 layers and has been tested to Military Standard 810-G. It has also been tested to survive drops from up to 10 feet, 3 meters. The case is rated IP-55 against water, sand and dirt incursion.

+ Users describe the case as sleek, thin and extremely tough. They consider the Survivor Extreme an alternative to the OtterBox Defender Series case, similar protection but with less bulk.

+ The Survivor Extreme is easy to install and remove. It comes with a belt clip.

+ The volume and sleep/wake buttons are responsive.

- Reasons not to buy the Survivor Extreme

- Although the screen protector is easy to install as it just slides on, some users find that the gap between the protector and the iPhone screen decreases touchscreen sensitivity. They can feel and hear the screen protector when they use the touchscreen. The slight gap between the protector and screen makes it difficult to keep debris and dust out.

- Some users would prefer that the camera was more protected than just being raised off the surface. There is no material to shield the camera from any outside interference.

- A few users find the rear of the case to be a bit slippery. They also question the durability of the lighting port cover. Third party cables may not fit.

- A few users complain that the case muffles their voice when they speak on the iPhone.