Defender Series Case by OtterBox for iPhone 7

Defender Series Case
iPhone Model
iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus
Ultra Rugged
Black, Marathoner, Bespoke Way, Vinyasa, Borealis, Rosmarine Way
Polycarbonate and synthetic rubber
Extreme protection

The Defender Series Case by Otterbox is an ultra rugged case that will protect your iPhone 7 from the toughest environments. It's Otterbox's most protective case.

+ Reasons to buy the Defender Series Case

+ Users describe the case as a beast and a tank. They have full confidence in it protecting their iPhone 7 from repeated drops and tumbles. For many users, if you need an ultra rugged case, the Defender Series Case is the best solution.

+ Users love the protection that the Defender Series Case provides. The case is built tough with full-coverage protection and features three-layers of construction: inner shell, outer slipcover and touchscreen protector. Otterbox do not rate their cases to Military Standards, but to their own standard, Otterbox Drop+ Certification. Their certification includes 24+ tests and 238+ hours of testing.

+ Although the case is big, its not excessively bulky in relation to the protection it provides.

+ The Defender Series Case comes with a holster that works as a belt clip and hands-free kickstand.

- Reasons not to buy the Defender Series Case

- The main issue with the Defender Series Case is with the screen protector. It is difficult to install due to dust getting between the screen protector and iPhone 7 screen as well as air bubbles occurring. The other issue is that the plastic that covers the home button is flimsy and causes Touch ID to not work well.

- Some users find that they can feel and hear the screen protector when they use the touchscreen as it does not sit flush with the iPhone 7 screen. This can cause reduced screen sensitivity and mild Newton Rings, the "rainbow effect", to occur.

- For some users, the case is excessively bulky and heavy. This is felt more so for the iPhone 7 given its streamlined and thin design.

- Several users complain that their case, specifically the edges, discolor with minimal use. This is most apparent with lighter colored cases. They also find that the case gets dirty easily.

- The port covers can be torn off with use and accessing the lighting port can be challenging.

- The camera cutout does not protect the camera. There is no material to shield the camera from any outside interference.

- The case is difficult to install and remove.

- The Defender Series Case is not waterproof.