Base Grip by Silk for iPhone 7

Base Grip
iPhone Model
iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus
Black Onyx, Gunmetal Gray, Purple Orchid, Blue Jade
Scratches, bumps, light drops

The Base Grip by Silk is a slim case that provides better grip and everyday protection for your iPhone 7.

+ Reasons to buy the Base Grip

+ Users describe the Base Grip as perfect if you want a simple, inexpensive, no nonsense case for your iPhone 7. All ports are accessible and the volume and sleep/wake buttons are covered and provide good tactile feeling.

+ Most users love the protection and added grip the case provides to their iPhone 7. The case features textured edges for better grip and handling of the iPhone. It also has raised edges so you can place your phone face down on flat surfaces without scratching the screen. The camera is exposed, but protected when placed against a surface. The Base Grip also has air cushioned corners to absorb and disperse shocks.

+ The Base Grip is slim and lightweight, and is easy to install and remove.

+ A scratch-resistant screen protector film comes with the case.

+ Silk offer a Lifetime Premium Warranty.

- Reasons not to buy the Base Grip

- Although users feel that the Base Grip will protect their iPhone, they are unsure how protective it actually is. The case does not have a drop protection rating.

- The Base Grip case is not a premium, high quality case. Some users describe the look and feel of the case as cheap.

- A few users find that the case stretches with use and loses its fit.

- A few users do not like the textured material and find that the case is hard and uncomfortable to hold. They also don't think the Base Grip adds that much grip. Some even find the material to be slippery and that it discolors with use.